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The First Make & Take Shop Hop™: A Resounding Success!

The inaugural Make & Take Shop Hop™ took place in Menomonee Falls from June 18-22, 2024, and it was an overwhelming success. This unique event saw participation from eight local stores, each offering a variety of engaging and creative projects for attendees. The Shop Hop attracted visitors from across the Midwest, including Indiana, Illinois, and several cities within Wisconsin such as Fond Du Lac, Madison, and Pewaukee, highlighting Menomonee Falls as the ultimate destination for Make & Take activities in the state.

What Are Make & Takes?

Make & Take, or Make and Takes, is a guided experience where participants create something with their own hands. Also known as make n take, workshops, and classes, these experiences provide a fantastic way to spend time with family and friends while engaging in creative activities.

Participating Locations and Activities

The participating stores showcased an impressive array of make and takes:

  • Poppy & Thyme: Candles, wax melts, perfume, rubber ducky soap
  • Chocolate Falls: Cookie decorating
  • Grace Essentials: Lip balm, body lotion, scented fan, room spritz, permanent jewelry
  • Rustic Rehabs: Faux succulent pot, fingerprint flower pot, fairy/pet garden, Swift-Tote, Swift tumbler, small or large makeup bag
  • Art Lounge: Garden stick, canvas painting
  • Beaded Vision Jewelry: Crystal beaded bracelet, suncatcher
  • Art by Terra: Watercolor postcards
  • Just Kiln’ Time: Mosaics, pottery

Event Highlights and Statistics

The event brought a significant boost to the local economy, benefiting not only the participating stores but also other businesses in the town, including restaurants. Some key statistics from the event include:

  • Total Make & Takes: One store reported over 171 make and takes, with an average of 70 projects made per store.
  • Economic Impact: The average earnings per store from participation were $1,450.
  • Demographics: The event saw a large number of young children accompanied by their mothers or grandmothers, creating a family-friendly atmosphere.

Tourism Impact

The Make & Take Shop Hop™ also brought tourism money to Menomonee Falls. Visitors from Indiana, Illinois, and various Wisconsin cities spent on local accommodations, dining, and other attractions, contributing to the town’s economy. Even if the amount was modest, it highlighted the potential for such events to boost tourism.

Summer Break Appeal

An important factor contributing to the event’s success was that school was out for the summer. Parents were actively looking for engaging activities for their kids during the break and were thrilled to participate in the Shop Hop. This provided a perfect opportunity for families to spend quality time together while enjoying creative and educational experiences.

Community Feedback

The positive feedback from both participants and store owners highlights the event’s success. Stacy Estrada from Art Lounge said, “We had such a great time all week!” Jenn Dunne from Rustic Rehab noted, “A great turnout for an inaugural event!” Layla from Poppy & Thyme shared, “We typically do about 20 Make & Takes per week. This event blew our numbers out of the water!”

Future Plans

With the success of this first event, plans are already underway to make the Make & Take Shop Hop™ an annual event in Menomonee Falls. Additionally, plans to expand the Shop Hop to other locations in Wisconsin and, in the future, to other states, bringing this engaging and creative experience to more communities. This expansion is independent of the Menomonee Falls Downtown or BID, though they will participate in future events. Future Shop Hops will cater to different audiences, with some events designed for the entire family and others aimed at adults, featuring after-hour activities.

How to Host a Make & Take Shop Hop™ in Your Community

Interested in hosting a Make & Take Shop Hop™ in your community? Visit Make & Take Shop Hop for more information on how to get started and bring this exciting event to your town.

The inaugural Make & Take Shop Hop™ has set a high standard, and the enthusiasm and participation witnessed in Menomonee Falls ensure a bright future for this event, both locally and beyond.