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Make & Take Shop Hop™ Participating Locations

Make & Take Shop Hop (TM). Creative Hands-on Fun (TM). Guided hands on workshops and classes where you make your own products!

You can start at any location!

If you can’t read the map above – just click on any blue marker with a white circle in the Google map at the bottom of this page to find the locations!

When is the event?

The first Make & Take Shop Hop™ will be located in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin from Tuesday, June 18th – Saturday, June 22nd, 11-5 pm.

What is Make & Take?

It’s a guided experience where you get to create something with your own hands at a participating location that you get to take with you! The time it takes varies by location – some experiences are quick, others can take a while.

During the shop hop, multiple shops will offer their own make and take experiences for you to try, and you can hop from shop to shop to enjoy the various offerings. (Offerings and prices vary by store).

Are reservations or signups required?

Reservations and signups are NOT required for Make & Take Shop Hop daytime experiences! All of our participants offer drop in make & take activities that require no reservation.

However, some participating locations do have reservation requirements for SOME of their offerings:

Grace Essentials: No appointments/signups are required for their make & take offerings EXCEPT permanent jewelry. Check back for updates on their permanent jewelry make & take.

Poppy & Thyme and Rustic Rehabs: No reservation required for groups of 4 people or less.

Participating locations:

Art By Terra
Art Lounge (including after 5pm events)
Just Kiln’ Time
Poppy & Thyme
Grace Essentials
Rustic Rehabs

Saturday Only
Beaded Vision Jewelry 
Chocolate Falls