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Make & Take Shop Hop™ – Creative Hands-on Fun™ for All Ages

Make & Take Shop Hop (TM). Creative Hands-on Fun (TM). Guided hands on workshops and classes where you make your own products!

Make & Take Shop Hop in Menomonee Falls

Join us at the inaugural Make & Take Shop Hop in Menomonee Falls Downtown Wisconsin! From June 18th to June 22nd, 2024, and discover a vibrant lineup of creative hands-on activities at participating businesses downtown. Explore diverse workshops, guided classes, and culinary delights tailored for all ages. Whether you are from Milwaukee, Sussex, Germantown, Brookfield, Wauwatosa, Menomonee Falls, Richfield, Jackson, or anywhere in Southeast Wisconsin, this event is for you!

Join the Make & Take Shop Hop for Creative Hands-on Fun™!

Discover the joy of creative expression at the Make & Take Shop Hop, a unique event that brings together businesses offering hands-on activities for people of all ages. From crafting to culinary creations, each Shop Hop provides a memorable experience filled with creativity and community.

What is Make & Take?

Make & Take activities give participants the chance to create a unique item and take it home afterward. These experiences are also known as make n take, workshops, and classes. From crafting personalized jewelry and painting pottery to decorating cookies or building a custom beer flight, the possibilities are endless. Each business curates special projects, classes, and workshops that ensure every Shop Hop event is a distinctive celebration of Creative Hands-on Fun™.

What to Expect at a Make & Take Shop Hop:

  • Retail: Craft projects for kids, personalized jewelry-making, painting, pottery, and more.
  • Food & Drink: Customize your own burger or pizza, build a beer flight, or decorate cookies.
  • Guest Artists & Teachers: Special workshops, guest teachers, and meet-the-maker gatherings.
  • Bonus Perks: Discounts, giveaways, product demos, and more!

Find a Shop Hop Near You:

Stay tuned for upcoming locations and event dates. Whether you’re in Menomonee Falls or another town, the Make & Take Shop Hop will bring a world of Creative Hands-on Fun™ to your neighborhood.