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Make & Take: Creative Hands-on Fun!

Welcome to Make & Take: Creative Hands-on FunTM, where your creative journey begins. Our platform is a beacon for those eager to dive into make-and-take experiences, offering access to a wide array of guided DIY crafting. From the festive fun of paint & sip nights, to the cozy warmth of candle crafting, and the earthy hands-on pleasure of pottery workshops, we’re your guide to the best local venues for crafting adventures.

What’s Make & Take? It’s a guided experience where you get to create something with your own hands! These experiences are also known as make n take, workshops, and classes, and are a great way to spend time with family and friends!

Celebrate Every Occasion: Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a kid’s birthday party, a bridal shower, or a team-building event, helps you find the perfect spot for memorable group activities. Explore venues for birthday parties and after-hours crafting sessions that promise laughter, bonding, and the joy of making.

Discover and Create: Our selection of venues spans across candle making, pottery crafting, paint & sip, cookie decorating, furniture up-cycling, and more, inviting you to embark on a journey of discovery and creation. It’s an invitation to experience the satisfaction of crafting something unique, with expert guidance and the right atmosphere to ignite your imagination.

Experience a Make & Take Shop Hop: A lively event bringing together businesses that offer unique, hands-on crafting activities. Participants can explore guided workshops in various fields, from pottery and jewelry making to cooking and home decor. It’s a fantastic opportunity to unleash your creativity while having fun alone or with friends

Join us at and step into a world where creativity knows no bounds. Unleash your inner artist, craft memories that last, and celebrate the art of making.