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Discover the World of Make & Take Candle Crafting

Unleash Your Creativity with Guided Candle Making Experiences

Embark on a journey into the heart of candle crafting, where the warmth of creativity meets the glow of handmade candles. Explore a curated selection of candle making workshops, candle bars, and pour and sip events that offer a unique, hands-on approach to creating your own candles. Dive into the art of DIY candles and transform simple ingredients into luminous creations under the guidance of skilled artisans.


Featured Candle Crafting Experiences:

  • Candle Bars: Step into a social crafting space where making your own candle becomes a memorable experience. Perfect for group celebrations or a solo adventure in creativity.
  • Candle Making Workshops: From wax selection to scent infusion, learn every step of the candle making process in an engaging, expert-led workshop.
  • Wax Melts Creation: Discover the simplicity and satisfaction of making your own wax melts, a perfect introduction to the world of candle crafting.
  • Pour and Sip Events: Combine the joy of candle making with the relaxation of your favorite beverage. A creative twist on the classic night out.

Ignite Your Creative Spark

Crafting Light & Fragrance: Step into the enchanting world of candle making, where every scent and hue tells a story. Our featured articles illuminate the artistry behind crafting candles, guiding you through workshops that blend creativity with tranquility. Discover businesses that teach the delicate balance of scent, color, and form to create candles that enhance any space.

Light Your Path to Candle Making

A Journey of Discovery and Warmth: Embark on a candle crafting adventure with Make & Take. Explore articles that showcase the best workshops for creating bespoke candles. From selecting the perfect fragrances to mastering the pour, learn from artisans who share your passion for bringing light and warmth into homes. Begin your exploration today and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with handcrafted candles.

Explore Candle Crafting Near You

Looking for a make & take candle experience? Our platform connects you with the best local venues offering candle crafting sessions. Whether you’re interested in making your own candle for the first time or looking to deepen your existing skills, there’s a workshop waiting for you.