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Experience Creative Make & Take Workshops at Poppy & Thyme

Poppy & Thyme

Since its establishment in 2017, Poppy & Thyme in Menomonee Falls, WI, has been a beacon for eclectic boutique shopping and unique creative experiences. The shop stands out for its handcrafted bath, body, and gift merchandise, complemented by signature make-and-take experiences.

Owner Layla Obregon speaks passionately about the workshops. “Poppy & Thyme offers hands-on experiences for creating your own custom scents,” she says, emphasizing the journey of crafting a personal perfume.

Make & Take birthday party feature nail polish creation.

The candle-making workshops mirror this personalized approach. “Our workshop invites you to pour your own custom scented candle,” Obregon elaborates. Participants select from quality soy waxes and fragrances, creating candles that reflect their essence.

These make-and-take experiences represent Poppy & Thyme’s dedication to creativity, personal expression, and community. Workshops offer a space for exploring candle making, perfume crafting, and more, leaving participants with not just a product, but a memorable experience.

Poppy & Thyme is more than a boutique, bath & body and gift shop; it’s a hub of creativity, care, and community. It’s a haven for those seeking thoughtful gifts and self-care items, enhanced by the allure of creative workshops.

Obregon encourages staying updated through the boutique’s website for the latest seasonal offerings. Poppy & Thyme invites everyone to explore their creativity in this unique Menomonee Falls space.

Historically, the shop has hosted make and take birthday parties and after-hour private parties. “While Covid impacted these events, we plan to bring them back soon,” Obregon shares, highlighting the boutique’s commitment to community and celebration.

Poppy & Thyme’s identity is enriched by its make-and-take experiences, but its appeal lies in its curated selection of artisanal products and warm atmosphere. It’s a place for finding the perfect handcrafted gift or creating something uniquely personal.

The boutique stands as a testament to the joy of discovery and the art of making. Poppy & Thyme invites visitors to partake in this unique blend of retail and creativity, making it a cherished community space.